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State of the Schools Community Summit – Save the Date- Saturday, Sept. 14th – 1-3pm

The latest from Empower DC:
Education “reform” by the Mayor and Chancellor causes deliberate confusion and instability for DC families. These government officials who are rarely present in the communities they make decisions about don’t really know how these decisions affect families. They never talk directly with them; they never listen and engage in true dialog. The decisions they make such as closing 15 DCPS schools force families out of the Public School system towards the privately operated charter sector, which by no means is providing families with a better educational experience for their children. Check out this story from a grandparent we recently spoke to about how her grandchild’s school closure has affected her family this year:

“My grandson first went to a new charter school. He went one day and they put him in detention for not having on a belt. He’s only 10 years old. I talked with the principal and asked if he thought that was appropriate, to put a child in detention on the first day, when I didn’t know he needed the belt. He said “Unfortunately, that’s what we do.” He didn’t act right. So I put my grandson back in DCPS, even though I didn’t want to. Hopefully I can find another school soon.”

It is unjust that DC families have to bounce around from school to school, sector to sector without finding anywhere they feel they really belong. The time for community driven education reform is NOW. The time for solidarity is NOW. We, DC Residents, have to strengthen our resolve and say “These are our schools and we know what is best”

Join us on Saturday, September 14th for the State of the Schools Community Summit, where we will be planning next steps in true community driven improvement of Education in our city!
Saturday, September 14
1-3 PM at First Rock Baptist Church
4630 Alabama Ave. SE

Child care provided and shuttle to 1st Rock church will be
provided from the Benning Road Metro (Please RSVP)
Childcare provided, there will also be a shuttle from the Benning Road Metro taking folks to the meeting location (pick-ups at 12:30, 12:45 and 1:00pm)