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Protestant faith journeys

Young Evangelicals Are Getting High

A friend of mine attended a Christian college where almost all of the students, including her, grew up in non-denominational, evangelical Protestant churches. A few years after graduation, she is the only person in her graduating class who is not Roman Catholic, high Anglican or Lutheran. The town I live in has several “evangelical” Protestant colleges: on Ash Wednesday you can tell who studies at them by the ash crosses on their foreheads.

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The fight for a living wage in DC

Kelsey Reid

Ramirez, 55, has been cleaning Union Station for more than 21 years and makes $8.75 an hour with no benefits. She said she struggles to pay for housing and worries about ever being able to retire. She recently went on strike with Good Jobs Nation, an advocacy grouping calling for an increase in the wages of federally-contracted workers.

“I’m calling on President Obama to be a good landlord,” she said, in a reference to the President’s executive authority over the wages of federally contracted workers. She demanded that the president reform wage regulations for federally-contracted workers like herself.