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David Catania’s proposed school deform

I am going to write a post about this, but in the meantime, At The Chalk Face has a great take down:

Saving DC Schools with Catastrophe Innovation!

Tommy Wells

Aaron Wiener reporting on Tommy Wells announcement for Mayor:

Wells pledged not to take any corporate campaign contributions or bundled contributions from lobbyists. He laid out three initiatives he hopes to undertake as mayor: cutting juvenile crime in half within 24 months, making sure every child has a good elementary school within walking distance that he or she can attend without entering a lottery, and bringing about the “next generation of a great transit system.”

As for cutting crime, Zukerberg had a better one, lets stop ruinning lives over a bag of weed. It would immediately reduce crime, boost opportunity, and save the city billions in jail funds.

And notice the promise on elementary school, a quality school, not a quality public school. Clearly Tommy Wells is fully committed to Kaya Henderson’s plan to smash the public school system.

Tommy Wells is the candidate of gentrification. But then, so is Muriel Bowser,.

Muriel Bowser

Last month Alan Suderman had an article about Muriel Bowser which was largely positive, save for this:

For a candidate whose major campaign plank is restoring public trust in city government, being associated with that pair might prove uncomfortable. After all, few in D.C. associate Barry with good government these days, and Wilmot is the city’s ultimate powerbroker and lobbyist. He also has extremely close and unexplained financial ties to Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier of what the feds call the illegal “shadow campaign” that helped Gray beat Fenty. (Neither Thompson or Wilmot have been charged with any wrongdoing.)

That is such small beer. Of all the things to cite against Bowser, to pick that is truly pathetic. It was Bowser that sponsored legislation to make it easier for banks to foreclose on homes. Now most people don’t know that, and even if they did, I am not sure how much it would hurt Bowser politically. Unless you understand about control fraud, and how extensive forgery has become in real estate and banking, you would have no way to know just how truly corrupt this law is. It is truly a stain upon Bowser and would exclude her from polite society if people understood what she did to the city.

That and all the money she has taken from Walmart should exclude her from politics. But there is a very real possibility that she could become Mayor.

Oh, and Council Member Bowser, if you or your aides are reading this, you might see to that all the missing computers are replaced in the Tacoma Recreation Center’s Computer Lab. Last I checked there were no computers in the computer lab. And take some of that $400 million surplus to hire computer lab support techs to staff the computer labs in all the Rec centers. It would be helpful to those who need tech support and deter theft. Just a thought.