Tommy Wells

Aaron Wiener reporting on Tommy Wells announcement for Mayor:

Wells pledged not to take any corporate campaign contributions or bundled contributions from lobbyists. He laid out three initiatives he hopes to undertake as mayor: cutting juvenile crime in half within 24 months, making sure every child has a good elementary school within walking distance that he or she can attend without entering a lottery, and bringing about the “next generation of a great transit system.”

As for cutting crime, Zukerberg had a better one, lets stop ruinning lives over a bag of weed. It would immediately reduce crime, boost opportunity, and save the city billions in jail funds.

And notice the promise on elementary school, a quality school, not a quality public school. Clearly Tommy Wells is fully committed to Kaya Henderson’s plan to smash the public school system.

Tommy Wells is the candidate of gentrification. But then, so is Muriel Bowser,.


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