Why does Kaya Henderson have a job?

Will Closing Schools Pay Off? DCPS Closure Plan Unlikely to Produce Significant Savings or Better Resourced Schools

An analysis by Mary Levy and the DC Fiscal Policy institute (DCFPI) suggests that the savings from closing schools may be relatively small, and possibly non-existent in the first year following closure. This information should give pause to policymakers and anyone else hoping for significant savings to be reinvested in the remaining schools.

This is not and never has been about saving money, reforming education. This has always been about destroying public schools and replacing them with charter schools operated by hedge funds with the money going to Wall Street rather than teachers or anything that would benefit students. Kaya Henderson knows this, Mayor Gray knows this, Tommy Wells knows this and so does Muriel Bowser. They are all in on it. Shame on them. And shame on fools like David Alpert who enable it.

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