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Understanding American Gun Culture

these are links to useful articles:

The Story of a Gun

This Harpers article “my concealed weapon and me” discusses gun ownership and social class

The Real and Racist Origins of the Second Amendment

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C and E Christians, Know the code!

I want to talk to my fellow Christians. In the meantime, atheists and others are invited to enjoy this musical interlude.

Are you a C and E Christian? As in you go to church on Christmas and Easter? Or would if you had a church to go to? Attracted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but put off by the very unchristian conduct of so many clergy? If you are Protestant, you just need to know the code.

If you are United Church of Christ, you want a church that styles itself as Open and Affirming. If you are Methodist you want a church that is reconciling. If you are Lutheran, you want a church that is reconciling in Christ. If you are Presbyterian, you want a more light Church.

This is all church code for we welcome gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders. My experience is that churches that welcome gay, lesbians and transgenders have a welcoming attitude generally and practice a merciful view of Christ’s ministry. I don’t like to use the word liberal in a religious context.

I posted this because I thought at this time of year some of my readers might be interested.