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Kleptocracy body count

Via Naked Capitalism, Greenspan Body Count.

Ann C. Wilcox for at large City Council

Ann Wilcox is this year’s DC Statehood Green candidate for At Large City Council.

Washington Post write up

Defeat Poverty DC has a PDF document with her answers to their questionnaire.

Ann Wilcox
on Twitter.

Pussy Riot gig at Christ the Savior Cathedral (original video)

Pussy Riot gig at Christ the Savior Cathedral (original video)

Pussy Riot’s gig at Christ the Saviour took place on 21 February. Five members broke into the Moscow cathedral, performing a “punk prayer” from the altar. Their song “Holy Shit” is a condemnation of the Russian Orthodox church’s close ties to Putin. “Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin,” they sang, “chase Putin out!” Three of them have been arrested for hooliganism and they could face up to seven years in jail.

The future of Crummell School

Ivy City, tired of being a D.C. ‘dumping ground,’ takes on Gray over bus depot

In past years, Ivy City accepted unwanted projects with little more than a grumble. But not this time. Empower DC, an activist group that filed the D.C. Superior Court lawsuit in late July on behalf of two Ivy City residents and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission, said it found several missteps by the city that should persuade a judge to block construction of the depot at the shuttered Alexander Crummell School, at 1900 Gallaudet Ave. NE.

Nice to see Empower DC get some publicity.

Tommy Wells’ priorities

Tommy Wells Discusses Long-Term Plans for District

Wells emphasized to Roll Call his track record during his six-year tenure representing Ward 6. During that time, he said, the area has had “the greatest renaissance of public schools anywhere in America”

Oh really? Then why was Fenty/Rhee bounced from office? If the children had been happy with the changes that were occurring, then Fenty and Rhee would still have their jobs.

“We have a plan for 37 miles of streetcar traffic that will automatically connect east of the river to west of the river,” Wells said. “There is no doubt in my mind that Anacostia is the next H Street Northeast.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with this, but I don’t know that what is happening on H Street is entirely positive. Where are people going to live once their neighborhood becomes too expensive for them? And how can you talk about street cars when so many are unemployed and the ranks of the homeless continue to swell?


Additional benefit cuts are scheduled to go into place this fall, saving the city $5.65 million. But Graham predicts that in the long term, the estimated 11,000 children living in the 7,000 families impacted by the sanctions will bear the burden of the cuts.

11,000 children, what is going to happen to them? Wells has no answers. Nothing in that Roll Call interview gives any hint that Wells has any solutions for the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the District, and closing the homeless shelter on Second St will only makes things worse.

And what are our options? Murier Bowser, who sponsored legislation that makes it easier for banksters to steal your house?

Our entire city council are determined to destabilize our city.