Simon Schama on current American politics

In this interview Schama mostly gets it right. He is certainly correct that too many Americans still hold out some hope that Obama is going to do something about our problems (Indeed, Schama was one of the Europeans who ate the Hopium back in 2008). People still don’t get that Obama is the leader of the American kleptocracy.

I think Schama under estimates the power of the Occupy movement. He is looking too much at the Presidential election, which will change nothing, and not enough at the growing unrest. Imagine if someone tried to understand French politics during the 1780’s and only paid attention to the debates among Louis XVI’s councilors and paid no attention to Paris salons. I suspect that the years 2012-2016 will be very similar, a continuing implosion of the kleptocracy and the rise of whatever replaces it. That is why it is so crucial that we keep this non-violent.

Note – I am fascinated that, like the Corrente community, Schama gets the similarity with the ancien regime


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