Crummell School: Heart and Soul of the Community

Crummell School: Heart and Soul of the Community

Rough cut of film about Crummell School: It’s history, importance to the community of Ivy City in NE Washington DC and what the community would like to see happen to it.

Mayor Vincent Gray, Chair Kwame Brown, are you listening?

1 Response to “Crummell School: Heart and Soul of the Community”

  1. 1 Aquarius Vann-Ghasri November 29, 2011 at 5:06 am

    I volunteer with the DC Voice, interviewing Principles; each year the Principles I have interviwed are very dedicated, with a lack of committed resources; the challenges are great, and I look back as a product of DC Public Schools, Title One Programs and I ask myself “whether or not there’s a case study(years I attended DC Public Schools (60, a graduate in 70’s); Rovering Leaders, Truant Officers, Social Workers on Site, Tutorial Programs (Youth Turtoring Youth);

    Of course, the Grade system (71,…); who are we, where are we in life (what are the trends);

    Poverty with Education says what to the American Society of Today;

    We wear a new face of Poverty, with complex issues of blaming the Victims”

    All in All we are “Worthy of Praises”

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