How to build a people’s media

What danps said:

What we need is our own media. We need to create and encourage independent outlets, and have people committed to original reporting. That might mean cell phone pictures instead of high definition SLRs, or hastily typed dispatches from the scene instead of regurgitations of conventional wisdom from afar presented on an expensive layout. It is more gritty and not as slick and polished, but it is infinitely more real.

We need our media sewn together with an understanding of which things hold promise and which ones are dead ends we have already traveled down – ideally with a commitment to punching up and taking on bigger opponents. …

… You should donate to Corrente because we are the media, and because the same sensibility that has prompted a very committed group to seize and hold a public space for several weeks running has also prompted lambert and the gang to keep at it for years now. If you believe in what Occupy is doing by routing around a broken political environment and insisting on something new, you should also support Corrente – a site committed to routing around a broken media environment. A movement like Occupy needs outlets like Corrente. If you support the former I hope you’ll support the latter.

Some personal words, lambert does not just blog about solidarity, he practices it. I do not know of any other blog with a daily readership of 3,000 hits a day that does so much to promote small blogs like this one. But even with that this blog is read almost entirely by people coming in on key word searches.

I feel strongly about Medicare for All (also known as single payer). Blogging at Corrente gave me the ability to reach hundreds of readers and give much needed visibility to single payer web sites. We also had the chance to do live blogs with Katie Robbins and Dr. Margaret Flowers. It is thrilling to be one of Corrente’s health care correspondents.

And for a little blog, Corrente is very ambitious. We put on the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference. lambert introduced Modern Monetary Theory to political blogosphere.

Now lambert and the Corrente community are following the Occupy movement with live reporting whenever possible and link collecting that documents the movement’s growth. I am especially proud of the fact that Corrente followed Occupy Wall Street that first crucial week when there were only a few hundred demonstrators. There was a total medial blackout by the American news media and frankly very little blog coverage. There were diaries at the Big Cheeto, but no Front Page items. Firedoglake, Suburban Guerrilla, and Corrente were the only ones covering it before the pepper spray incident. That is why we urgently need Corrente.

Corrente is lamberts only income. He is having his annual fundraiser, please give generously.

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