Obama online enforcer: exhibit A

Call me Shoq

In my very rare spare time, I hang out with snobby, east coast progressives who wear smart looking black berets, smoke French cigarettes, and speculate about whether Simone de Beauvoir, Oscar Wilde, or Susan Sontag would have voted for David Cook or Sarah Palin as the next American Idol. Like me, most of them would all rather be living in Hollywood, snarfing veggie cocktail weenies with Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon.

When not openly trying to find passionate animal rights activists in short skirts and six inch heels, like all the other liberals, I live to hug trees, burn Bibles, and nominate Michael Moore, Ward Churchill and Jane Fonda to the Supreme Court. Someday, we hope to finally bring Utopian socialism—or at least unsubsidized health care—to Wal-Mart. …

… Shoq’s political enemies are many. But they aren’t always members of the Far Right. They can also be progressives, pseudo-liberals, anarchists, or members of the so-called “Professional Left,” who can often strenuously object to and resent his politics, and his vocal way of proffering his views to a significant following of progressives, personalities, and media outlets.

His twitter feed is every bit as disagreeable as his about section, at least the times I have looked at it. It consists of hurling abuse at Obama’s critics on the left. As if a few obscure bloggers could have any impact upon a President sitting on a 9.6% unemployment rate to say nothing of a soaring foreclosure rate. Seriously, no one can help a President who won’t help himself.

UPDATE: Projection much?

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