Paul Thorne’s unfunny song

Picked this up from Mark Steel‘s Twitter feed:

Rebekah Brooks Song

It was delightfully funny right up to the joke about prison rape. I don’t like rape jokes in general and prison rape jokes in particular.

And there is nothing less funny that a man joking about the sexual humiliation of a women. It just is not funny.

2 Responses to “Paul Thorne’s unfunny song”

  1. 1 Paul Thorne September 15, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    As a comedian / satirist it’s often necessary to create images which may push the boundaries of what people think is acceptable. And in this case I’ve clearly overstepped yours, which is regrettable.

    However, I DO NOT advocate or condone rape or the sexual humiliation of women.

    The message of the song is clearly “what goes around, comes around” and, bearing in mind the morally bankrupt nature of Rebekah Brooks and the News of the World Newspaper and how they have been behaving , in order for that verse to have the required impact it was necessary to create an imaginary scenario that is worse than anything they’ve been doing to their victims over the last few years.

    A lot of careful thought went into that song and the potential responses to it, and those responses have so far been, aside from this one, hugely positive. Mostly due to the collective anger of the general public here in the UK.

    I hope this goes someway to explain my motives and, although I’m sure you’re likely to remain unconvinced, can I recommend that you just listen to the song for the first “delightfully funny” 1 min 23 secs

    best wishes

    Paul Thorne (London, UK)

  2. 2 dcblogger September 15, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    I am all for schadenfreude, especially where the Murdoch gang is involved. They richly deserve all the scorn that is being heaped upon them.

    There is considerable anger on this side of the pond, Turn Off Fox is but one example. The FAA is investigating NewsCorp, and there is a major shareholder lawsuit. There are also several celebrity phone hacking law suits.

    So while there is not as much anger at News Corp on this side of the pond, we certainly enjoy jokes at his expense. It is just that I don’t like rape jokes under any circumstances.

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