Roses for George Soros

Forbes has a story attacking Soros’ Open Society for complicating US foreign policy by toppling dictators. \

3 cheers for George Soros! Well done! The only good dictator is a toppled dictator!

I also think that toppling dictators is in America’s interest. But basically I like to see dictators fall.

To do him justice, I suspect that Soros knows that he does not topple dictators; but he is an important part of a coalition of actors, most of them ordinary people doing extraordinary things, who bring down dictators.

If Soros’ actions make it more difficult for us to find bases for dropping our freedom bombs on people, that is an added benefit.

In a world of the Koch brothers, Richard Scaife, and Howard Ahmanson, it is a nice to see a rich guy with an agenda that goes beyond more money for me.

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