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Stan Greenberg on independent voters

Stan Greenberg

A lot of people have a vested interest in it. There are these bi-partisan deficit-reduction groups that think because Democrats are reluctant to do Medicare cuts and the Republicans are reluctant to raise taxes, the independent voter must therefore be willing to compromise on both. There’s no evidence that that’s true. We know from the way Obama carried independent voters in 2008 and the way Republicans carried them in 2010 that sometimes very strong positions taken by one of the parties sweep across the independents. Finding the position halfway is not necessarily the way to appeal to them. Clinton used to talk about “moving to the center,” and it would drive me crazy! There were swing voters and issues that were critical to them, like middle-class tax cuts and welfare reform, but they didn’t coincide with the center on the ideological spectrum.

The descriptor non-affiliated is far more accurate.

Attention Chief Cathy Lanier

I don’t want to see anything like this at Freedom Plaza, October 6. That might be acceptable in NY; but I hope we won’t have anything like that here in DC.

The whole world will be watching. Please do not embarrass us.

Obama online enforcer: exhibit A

Call me Shoq

In my very rare spare time, I hang out with snobby, east coast progressives who wear smart looking black berets, smoke French cigarettes, and speculate about whether Simone de Beauvoir, Oscar Wilde, or Susan Sontag would have voted for David Cook or Sarah Palin as the next American Idol. Like me, most of them would all rather be living in Hollywood, snarfing veggie cocktail weenies with Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon.

When not openly trying to find passionate animal rights activists in short skirts and six inch heels, like all the other liberals, I live to hug trees, burn Bibles, and nominate Michael Moore, Ward Churchill and Jane Fonda to the Supreme Court. Someday, we hope to finally bring Utopian socialism—or at least unsubsidized health care—to Wal-Mart. …

… Shoq’s political enemies are many. But they aren’t always members of the Far Right. They can also be progressives, pseudo-liberals, anarchists, or members of the so-called “Professional Left,” who can often strenuously object to and resent his politics, and his vocal way of proffering his views to a significant following of progressives, personalities, and media outlets.

His twitter feed is every bit as disagreeable as his about section, at least the times I have looked at it. It consists of hurling abuse at Obama’s critics on the left. As if a few obscure bloggers could have any impact upon a President sitting on a 9.6% unemployment rate to say nothing of a soaring foreclosure rate. Seriously, no one can help a President who won’t help himself.

UPDATE: Projection much?

Paul Thorne’s unfunny song

Picked this up from Mark Steel‘s Twitter feed:

Rebekah Brooks Song

It was delightfully funny right up to the joke about prison rape. I don’t like rape jokes in general and prison rape jokes in particular.

And there is nothing less funny that a man joking about the sexual humiliation of a women. It just is not funny.

How can Chuck Currie be so clueless?


Pass The American Jobs Acts For A Stronger, More Moral America

How can a UCC minister fall for this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing??? I mean really, we excel critical thinking, unless it is in the Bible, we do not take it on faith.

I mean the proper hashtag would be #kleptocracyNow.

He and everyone else cheering for this proposed bill needs to read it. Why would ANYONE support raising the eligibility for Medicare? That takes a bad health care system and makes it worse and at the same time more expensive. Currie should be supporting HR 676, after all the UCC has endorsed it.

He also needs to take a close look at the proposed Infrastructure Bank, or should I say kleptocracy bank, which will make it impossible for localities to do anything without paying endless fees and rents to banksters.

While there is some good in this legislation, that good is being dangled before our eyes to distract us from the grievous harm that it would do.

Roses for George Soros

Forbes has a story attacking Soros’ Open Society for complicating US foreign policy by toppling dictators. \

3 cheers for George Soros! Well done! The only good dictator is a toppled dictator!

I also think that toppling dictators is in America’s interest. But basically I like to see dictators fall.

To do him justice, I suspect that Soros knows that he does not topple dictators; but he is an important part of a coalition of actors, most of them ordinary people doing extraordinary things, who bring down dictators.

If Soros’ actions make it more difficult for us to find bases for dropping our freedom bombs on people, that is an added benefit.

In a world of the Koch brothers, Richard Scaife, and Howard Ahmanson, it is a nice to see a rich guy with an agenda that goes beyond more money for me.

Lindsay Beyerstein has a new blog

duly noted