Procrustes evaluates DC teachers

Candi Peterson

DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson issued “You’re fired letters” this past week to 206 DC teachers. Before DC teachers knew of their own fate, the mainstream media had received a lengthy DCPS press packet on Friday, July 15 from the Office of the Chancellor (OOC) lauding teacher terminations and celebrating highly effective teachers eligible for merit pay. Bill Turque, staff writer for the Washington Post reported on the details of the DCPS firings as early as July 15. Turque wrote: “Of the 206 fired, D.C. officials said, 65 were rated ineffective this year and 141 were judged minimally effective for the second consecutive year, triggering dismissal.” An additional twenty-one teachers who were effective and/or highly effective were also terminated by DCPS because they could not find a permanent placement.</blockquote

What is the difference between Vincent Gray and Adrian Fenty? What does it matter? I really wish that public employee unions would take a look at DC Statehood/Greens, because the Democrats are not doing anything for them.

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