Obama enforcers go after Jane Hamsher

Well, they have been going after her for a while. Balloon Juice links to this anti-Hamsher screed.

So it seems Hamsher has some sort of connection with a comapany that sells political ads, some of them for Republicans. So?

The obots are clearly trying to marginalize and isolate Hamsher in an effort to take away her oxygen. They don’t want her to go on TV and say that Obama has broken his promises. They want to do to her what they did to the Hillary bloggers, marginalize her. Well, maybe they will succeed and Hamsher won’t get on TV anymore.

But Obama’s problem is not that Hamsher is saying nasty things about him. Obama’s problem in 9% unemployment. Obama’s problem is that rather bringing war criminals to justice he has reappointed them. Obama’s proplem it the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his shiny new war in Libya, to say nothing of freedom bombs for Yemen and Pakistan. Obama’s problem is rising foreclosures. Obama’s problem is rather than end the war on women he has expanded it.

It would not matter if Jane Hamsher were to suddenly start blogging like Booman. Obama would still be losing support with Netroots. And the more Obama unleashes his online enforcers against his critics, the more popular Obama’s critics will become.


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