How to take our country back, for the price of a pizza

My problem is solved, but Violet Socks, one of our best feminist bloggers, is in trouble. Please help if you are in a position to do so!

UPDATE: Problem solved. No additional donations needed at this time. I cannot begin to describe the level of gratitude to those who have assisted me.

Here in blogosphere we are building a movement that the big shots cannot coopt. Oh, individual bloggers can be coopted, even large blogging communities can be corrupted, but blogosphere as a whole remains vibrant.

Here at D2route we have taken on school deform, health care, the financial kleptocracy and Moden Monetary’s Theory response. We have even tried to highlight the work for local groups trying to make things better.

But this is more time consuming than it looks and carries a terrible opportunity cost. Right now I am in a financial bind. it is a small one right now, I have a small problem that could be set right for the cost of a large pizza, but if it is not set right, it could become a very big problem.

If you enjoy my blogging about local issues mixed with health care and financial follies, please send some cash! A small amoutn today will make a HUGE difference to me tomorrow!

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