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Advice for the Princess Royal


The latest move comes as the cash-strapped Metropolitan Police Service tries to recoup some of its £8million Royal Wedding costs.

Royals would continue to receive protection for official duties but it would be taken away at other times.

Princess Anne – considered the hardest working after the Queen with 600 engagements a year – is said to be “incandescent with rage”.

Unlike members of the Euro zone, the United Kingdom retains a fiat currency. The whole budget cutting austerity kick is entirely unnecessary.

The Princess Royal needs to read the Seven Deadly Frauds of Economic Policy and circulate it among her editor friends. The economic suffering going in the UK and elsewhere is entirely unnecessary.

Three cheers for Trumka!

I hope he means it.

Three cheers for Mary Cheh

D.C. Councilwoman Cheh Arrested on Capitol Hill

D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh and seven others were arrested Wednesday night on Capitol Hill.

Cheh was taken into custody following a rally to protest a bill that cuts funding for abortions to low-income women in the District. The bill had just finished being passed by members of the U.S. House.

Hooray! Who were the 7 others who were arrested? Would it be asking too much of our news media to tell us?

Update: Video

Protesting Mayor Gray’s proposed cuts to housing programs

Prince of Wales to visit Common Good City Farm

Prince Charles visits D.C. urban farm

Very decent of him. What would be even better would be if he granted an interview to Street Sense; but I guess that would be asking for too much.

Time to raise taxes on DC’s wealthiest residents

Court monitor voices concern over budget for D.C. child welfare agency

Cuts aimed at the city’s most vulnerable residents will have a destabilizing effect upon the city. Much better to raise taxes on our wealthiest residents.

Mayor Vincent Gray destabilizes the city

Take a glace at these barbarous budget cuts and you will realize that they will have the effect of destabilizing the city.

It is not merely that this will have the very real consequence of putting hundreds of city residents on the streets, but it will also remove millions of dollars that moves directly into the city’s economy. Social spending on the poorest of the poor is the most fiscally stimulative spending that you can have.

Mayor Gray and city council need to raise taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents. Otherwise conditions will become chaotic.

We might just as well as reelected Fenty.