Perfect reading for spring

Continuous Color
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Continuous Color: A Month-by-Month Guide to Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for the Continuous Bloom Garden, by Pam Duthie, published by Ball Publishing, 2004. 10 x 10 paperback, spiral-bound, 3509 pages. ISBN 9781883052409

Please note this book is not used, but is slightly shopworn.

Everyone wants a bright, colorful yard, and one of the best ways to achieve color year-round is with trees and shrubs. Landscape designer and garden expert Pam Duthie presents the best small trees and shrubs to jazz up any landscape any time of the year.

A guide to using more than flowers to make a beautiful garden, this book discusses the small trees and shrubs that make up much of the structure for contemporary gardens. Trees and shrubs are arranged according to months of interest with many of the trees’ characteristics described through multiple seasons-flowers in spring, foliage in summer, foliage and fruit in fall, and bark in winter. Gardeners can find the information they need quickly, and each of the 272 entries include beautiful photographs showing the plant characteristics in a natural setting. Specific gardening information is listed for each tree-the plant type, zone grown in, fruit or flower, habit or foliage, height, width, spacing, light, soil, care, uses in the garden, problems, insider’s tips, and complimentary plants. Deciduous, evergreen, and broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs are all profiled.

Featuring 272 trees and shrubs, Continuous Color arranges these striking plants according to season of interest–flowers, fruit, summer color, fall color and evergreen. Pam presents what you need to know about these trees and shrubs–habit, fruit and flower descriptions; light, soil and water needs; care; insider tips; and what other garden plants to combine with.


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