Class size

How can Atrios be so blind. He taught at the university level, which is completely different from K-12.

Yglesias to spouting the latest nonsense from the education deform gang, that hiring good teachers is more important than class size.

How are you going to attract quality teachers if you expect them to deal with a class of 40 seventh graders?

You know how to recognize a public policy scam? When the person is advocating a policy that they don’t plan to live with. Yglesias did not go to public schools, does not teach in them, does not plan to send his children to them, he is advocating policies that other people’s children will have to live with.

What I don’t understand is why doesn’t Candi Patterson and/or Nathan Saunders make an appointment and to give him a briefing? That is part of what a union should do for its members.


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