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This blog endorses Alan Page for City Council

Alan Page is the DC Statehood/Green Party candidate for At Large City Council. Vote for a real change.

Happy Easter

The war on women

Laws Affecting Reproductive Health and Rights: Trends in the First Quarter of 2011

Appliqued Denim Jacket with Yarn Detailing

For very fashionable ladies

upcycled denim jacket with denim and yarn trim

Vintage denim appliques were hand-stitched on to a distressed denim jacket to create the fluffy little flower and leaves on this jacket. The appliques are outlined in a dreamy, baby blue hand-spun 100% recycled yarn (wool, faux cashmere, and acrylic blend). More of that yarn was used to embellish the front panels of the jacket.

Donna Brazile, are you ready to get arrested?

D.C.’s angry at budget deal – and President Obama

Ever since President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans reached an 11th hour agreement to keep from shutting down the federal government, interim Democratic National Committee chair and staunch White House defender Donna Brazile has been on the attack, using her Twitter account to blast what she calls a “shameful” deal.

My question for Donna Brazile, Anise Jenkins, and Eleanor Holmes Norton is when are you going to follow the example of Mayor Gray and Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown and get arrested?

Perfect reading for spring

Continuous Color
Price: $44.00

From Shop Left

Continuous Color: A Month-by-Month Guide to Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for the Continuous Bloom Garden, by Pam Duthie, published by Ball Publishing, 2004. 10 x 10 paperback, spiral-bound, 3509 pages. ISBN 9781883052409

Please note this book is not used, but is slightly shopworn.

Everyone wants a bright, colorful yard, and one of the best ways to achieve color year-round is with trees and shrubs. Landscape designer and garden expert Pam Duthie presents the best small trees and shrubs to jazz up any landscape any time of the year.

A guide to using more than flowers to make a beautiful garden, this book discusses the small trees and shrubs that make up much of the structure for contemporary gardens. Trees and shrubs are arranged according to months of interest with many of the trees’ characteristics described through multiple seasons-flowers in spring, foliage in summer, foliage and fruit in fall, and bark in winter. Gardeners can find the information they need quickly, and each of the 272 entries include beautiful photographs showing the plant characteristics in a natural setting. Specific gardening information is listed for each tree-the plant type, zone grown in, fruit or flower, habit or foliage, height, width, spacing, light, soil, care, uses in the garden, problems, insider’s tips, and complimentary plants. Deciduous, evergreen, and broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs are all profiled.

Featuring 272 trees and shrubs, Continuous Color arranges these striking plants according to season of interest–flowers, fruit, summer color, fall color and evergreen. Pam presents what you need to know about these trees and shrubs–habit, fruit and flower descriptions; light, soil and water needs; care; insider tips; and what other garden plants to combine with.

Obama’s reelection campaign


The advisers contend that the country is far too closely divided to imagine a re-election scenario like 1996, when Bob Dole never came within striking distance of President Bill Clinton.

In 1996 the unemployment rate was 5.4%. Obama’s problem is not that the country is divided. Obama’s problem is that his economic policies stink outloud. In January 2009 unemployment was at 7.6%. Incredibly it has continued to rise under Obama, going as high as 10.1% and only recently coming down to 8.8%, still higher than when he took office. There seems to be this bizarre notion that the fate of ordinary Americans will have no consequences to America’s elites, both political and economic.

Back to Politico:

The biggest concerns include independent voters, who are fickle by definition, and Midwestern, blue-collar white men, who were the last demographic group to go along with Obama in 2008.

Well maybe Obama should get himself to the solidarity rallies in Wisconsin and Ohio, you know, where working class white men are currently hanging out?

Democratic officials are intently focused on three states that Obama won last time – Virginia, Colorado and Nevada – that provide different paths to victory as an alternative to the traditional dependence on Ohio and Florida. But they are also trying to replicate the bold map strategy of 2008 by eyeing Texas, Arizona and Georgia – three states he lost last time – as potential targets. Changing demographics in the three states have yielded hundreds of thousands of currently unregistered Hispanic voters who could be receptive to Obama.

This is just delusional. Obama wrote off Northern Virginia when he froze the pay of federal workers. Nor are the women of Northern Virginia happy with Obama’s anti-abortion policies, which will be a problem for Kaine since he is anti-stem cell research and probably anti-abortion. These were not issues when he ran for Governor, but they will be issues when he runs for Senate. Bobby Scott might be a stronger candidate in Northern Virginia. Doug Wilder won Northern Virginia in 1989 because he was pro-choice. The problem with Obama’s people is that none of them have any respect for women and therefore do not appreciate the seriousness of these issues.

Why does Obama think that Hispanics will vote for him? Under Obama deportations have increased. Combined with continuing high rates of unemployment, Hispanics have no reason to vote for Obama.

Obama may very well win reelection, but only because we have a deeply dysfunctional political culture.

Class size

How can Atrios be so blind. He taught at the university level, which is completely different from K-12.

Yglesias to spouting the latest nonsense from the education deform gang, that hiring good teachers is more important than class size.

How are you going to attract quality teachers if you expect them to deal with a class of 40 seventh graders?

You know how to recognize a public policy scam? When the person is advocating a policy that they don’t plan to live with. Yglesias did not go to public schools, does not teach in them, does not plan to send his children to them, he is advocating policies that other people’s children will have to live with.

What I don’t understand is why doesn’t Candi Patterson and/or Nathan Saunders make an appointment and to give him a briefing? That is part of what a union should do for its members.

Question for Archbishop Dolan

Are you going to publicly repudiate Bill Donohue? Because on something like this silence equals conscent.

I am asking Archbishop Dolan because the New York Times is his hometown newspaper and when a man publicly identified as a Catholic publishes such a morally abhorrent advertisement, it behooves the Archdiocese of New York to repudiate it.

I could ask the same of Cardinal Wuerl.

Really, it is impossible to dismiss the thought that the Roman Catholic church is run by truly horrible people who are a eminent danger to children, gays and lesbians, women, and gynecologists.

Decline and fall of Michelle Rhee