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Michelle Rhee is a fraud

I am thrilled it is finally coming out.

How many of those principals she fired lost their jobs because they could not be counted on to assist with cheating?

The Virginia Senate race of 2012

#1, I live in DC, not Virginia

#2, I am not well informed about Virginia politics

Having said that, I think that this fellow is far too optimistic about the chances of winning in Virginia in 2012.

It is most unlikely that Obama can carry Virginia a second time. On January 20, 2009 unemployment was 6.1%, it is now 10%; moreover, by the time the House Republicans have succeeded in bullying the Dems into additional spending cuts, the economy will tank and the unemployment will be worse (which was the Republican strategy all along).

Obama is unpopular now and his action freezing federal pay will not win him any friends in Virginia. Obama will be a huge drag upon the rest of the ticket. Virginia Democrats will be hard pressed to defend their incumbents, nevermind hold an open seat.

George Allen’s blunder is now 6 years ago, so much water has passed under the bridge that most voters will not care very much. It is important to remember that in spite of his blunder Allan almost won reelection 6 years ago.

Having said all that, I suspect that Bobby Scott would be the strongest candidate Democrats could field. Scott has a wonderful easy going Virginia gentleman demeanor that is worth thousands of votes by itself. Tim Kaine by contrast has a truly weak persona that has made him such a disaster as DNC chair. Moreoever, he is a Catholic. This used to be a non-issue, but given Kaine’s opposition to stem cell research, there are legitimate questions about his willingness to put the constitution before his bishop. Also I think that Democratic women are passed tired of voting for anti-choice Democrats.

But what do I know, I don’t live in Virginia.

Diana Rigg to appear in Pygmalion

London theatre break star Diana Rig cast in Pygmalion

Diana Rigg, a star of the London theatre breaks scene, will be appearing in Pygmalion when it opens later in the season.

She will take up the role of Mrs Higgins, alongside Rupert Everett (Henry Higgins) and Kara Tointon (Eliza Doolittle).

I saw Rigg as Liza Doolittle years ago and she was absolutely brilliant. I am sure she will make a splendid Mrs. Higgins. England has such a wonderful theater scene.

Lean how DC Government Operates

Empower DC & DC Jobs with Justice Present Another FREE Training from the Grassroots Leadership Education Program

How Does the City Council Function?
How Are Laws Made? What Do Committees Do?


Facilitator: DC Jobs with Justice Leader Organizer Mackenzie Baris

Tues. March 29

6:30-8:30 PM

St Stephen’s Episcopal Church

1525 Newton St, NW

(Columbia Heights Metro/Green Line, Limited Parking available)

RSVP to Lillian at (202) 974-8281

* limited child care available, please RSVP *

With Support from the DC Childcare Collective

DC’s race divide

Yglesias thinks that Marion Barry’s emphasis on jobs for black people is misguided. Statistics tell a different story. Also, see what is happening on H Street.

The culture of harassment

Mother attempts suicide, is charged with feticide.

South Dakota abortion bill requiring 3 day wait and CPC visit becomes law

One of the ugliest parts of current American political culture is the culture of harassment of women. From attempts to criminalize miscarriage to attempts to limite access to reproductive services there is this whole Taliban like attempt to always put women on the defensive. So this blogger is going to start documenting some of it under the category of the culture of harassment.

Members of congress who would let women die

100 co-sponsors of the Let Women Die Act

Maybe Kaya Henderson just can’t admit she was wrong

The continuing story of Hardy Middle School

Whatever the reasons for Pope’s removal, Hardy is still searching for a permanent replacement, Pope is currently serving as the principal at Savoy Elementary and Chancellor Kaya Henderson continues to resist calls for his return to Hardy.

4th mov’t to “Reformation” Symphony

Goodbye basement angle, you will be missed

Lorenda Starfelt 1955-2011