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Support Susie. Seriously, one of the best bloggers. This is how we get our country back.

Webb, Warner, Mikulski, Cardin EPIC FAIL

Matt Stoller

Obama has put forward a proposed pay freeze on non-security state Federal government workers, and Senate Democrats want to extent that for at least five years. That’s their starting position negotiating against the GOP. You can’t have a good regulatory state when you don’t pay regulators good wages. Instead, what you have when government is expansive and poorly run is big government corruption.

Why elect Democrats if they can’t or won’t protect federal workers? Or any workers?

Princess Royal visits prison in Lancashire

Shropshire Star:

The Princess Royal’s Shropshire visit was delayed by half an hour today — because of appalling weather in Lancashire where she had been visiting a prison.

That is the only informaiton I have. You don’t think of royalty visiting prisons. It gives me a better opinion of her that she made time to do so.

Solidarity for Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana

What Chicago Dyke said.

Massive resistance 2.0

Torturing Detroit’s Kids for Racist Fun and Profit

I cannot believe what is happening to our country.

How many nuclear explosions have their been?

Many more than you think.

Criminalizing miscarraige

These kinds of efforts have been going on for years and it is only getting worse.

Today’s shop left post: Most Comfortable Slippers Ever

Most Comfortable Slippers Ever, Vegan Edition

That’s just my opinion, and yes, I’m a little biased, since I made them. But seriously, there’s something wonderful about putting on these slippers — your feet feel like they’re being coddled, babied, spoiled rotten! Maybe it’s the super soft fabric or the equally inviting fleece lining. Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re remarkably lightweight, and just hug your feet enough to not fall off. Whatever it is, it’s working

Blogger life

Welcome Back to Pottersville has an expensive brake problem. If any of my readers still have disposable income and are so inclined, send him some support.

The battle for United Medical Center

Washington City Paper

Now Chopivsky is eager to convince the city’s leaders to hand him the keys to UMC, and by doing so enter into a partnership of sorts with a hospital that’s too important to the District’s overall health care apparatus for politicians to let it fail.

Chopivsky has been paying high-powered lobbyist David Carmen’s company $35,000 a month for help, lobbying records show. In total, Chopivsky has paid the Carmen Group nearly three quarters of a million bucks since 2009, though not all of that money has gone towards Chopivsky’s hospital-buying efforts.

Chopivsky has also hired Linda Greene, whom The Washington Post’s Reliable Source gossip column says is Mayor Vince Gray’s girlfriend, to build up goodwill in UMC’s neighborhood. According to the Office of Campaign Finance, which tracks lobbyist disclosures, Greene was paid $37,500 over a six-month period during the last half of 2010; she lobbied Gray and several councilmembers, as well as then-Attorney General Peter Nickles, last summer, according to OCF. Greene says much of her job was introducing Chopivsky to the powers-that-be east of the river.