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Help build a better America

Support Susie. Seriously, one of the best bloggers. This is how we get our country back.

Webb, Warner, Mikulski, Cardin EPIC FAIL

Matt Stoller

Obama has put forward a proposed pay freeze on non-security state Federal government workers, and Senate Democrats want to extent that for at least five years. That’s their starting position negotiating against the GOP. You can’t have a good regulatory state when you don’t pay regulators good wages. Instead, what you have when government is expansive and poorly run is big government corruption.

Why elect Democrats if they can’t or won’t protect federal workers? Or any workers?

Princess Royal visits prison in Lancashire

Shropshire Star:

The Princess Royal’s Shropshire visit was delayed by half an hour today — because of appalling weather in Lancashire where she had been visiting a prison.

That is the only informaiton I have. You don’t think of royalty visiting prisons. It gives me a better opinion of her that she made time to do so.

Solidarity for Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana

What Chicago Dyke said.

Massive resistance 2.0

Torturing Detroit’s Kids for Racist Fun and Profit

I cannot believe what is happening to our country.

How many nuclear explosions have their been?

Many more than you think.

Criminalizing miscarraige

These kinds of efforts have been going on for years and it is only getting worse.