Building a movement

Lefty blogosphere arouse as a response to an out of control political culture. If you came of age after Bush vs Gore, you can hardly imagine the freak show our press use to be. Yes, much worse than it is now. The most vile lies could be put into to circulation with impunity.

Blogs gave us the medium to fight back and some of us availed ourselves of that opportunity. Blogs are building a counter narrative of what is going on and what are true policy options are.

When the rich and powerful artificially take single payer health care “off the table,” blogs, including this one, puts it right back on.

This blog has worked to raise consciousness about local groups such as Empower DC, along with national groups fighting for single payer health care.

This blog played a crucial role in getting word out about the hideous Michelle Rhee and mobilizing national blogosphere in support of public school teachers.

If you value this sort of work, Please click here to support this blogger.

Update – thanks to those who have been able to donate. I am very encouraged and am just a dozen small contributions or two big ones from meeting my immediate goal. There are so many other bloggers in trouble, and so many readers just unable to give in the current environment, I am doubly grateful to all those who gave. If you appreciate the work of this blogger and are in a position to help, Please click here to support this blogger.


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