UPDATE: My new year’s resolution is to live indoors

Readers, I need to raise money for rent or I will be on the street for real.

This blog was one of the first to question Michelle Rhee’s alledged brilliance. We have also supported local groups like Empower DC. Both here and at Corrente, this blog took the lead on advocating Medicare for All. There is an opportunity cost to all this blogging. Now I really need the support from my readers.

I hate to write this when so many other bloggers are in trouble and when our readers are coming under hard times. But I am facing the worst financial crisis of my life.

If you liked my past work on health care, net neutrality, and Versailles, please throw some change. Every little bit helps.

My new year’s resolution is to live indoors.

Please click here to support this blogger.

UPDATE: Readers, I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude to all those who responded. I am just a few contributions (or one largish one) from paying my back rent. Thank You! I will start sending out individual thank you cards. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

UPDATE ii: THANK YOU READERS! I now have enough money for my back rent. I cannot begin to describe the relief I feel. Profound thanks to lambert for including me the the group fundrasier and to Violet Socks for the direct link.

If you appreciate my work, and have the funds to spare, I could still use some funds, but the worst of the crisis is past.


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