Vincent Gray is a very tough character

Washington City Paper quoting Newsweek:

Duncan acknowledged that he has already spoken to Rhee once, and will talk to her again when she returns from her honeymoon with new husband Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, Calif. He also said he has repeatedly tried to reach Gray by phone to discuss the matter with him. “We’ve been trading calls the last two days, but we will talk,” Duncan said.

Since when was a DC Council Chair and Democratic nominee not available to a cabinet member??? I guess Gray is determined to talk to Obama personally. Seems reasonable to me, but I never would have thought that Gray had it in him to be unavailable to a cabinet secretary. Of course if Gray has decided that Rhee is not simply unacceptable to him, but unacceptable to the voters, well, that is another thing. Nothing like letting it be known that he cannot be pressured into doing that which the city does not want to be done. Better to defy the White House than the voters.

And there is more good news:
Gray will consider rehiring fired D.C. teachers

Gray tells DC 50’s NewsPlus that he thinks any of those 266 teachers who were fired only for budget reasons should be allowed back in the classrooms.

Preservationists and Planners “Jubilant” About Gray


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