Who Vincent Gray should select for schools

Unlike Gray, I don’t like the idea mayoral control of schools. I know people did not like the old elected school board, but areas which have good schools, have elected boards. You can’t empower parents if they don’t elect the school board, that is just basic. Much of the school deform movement is about stripping parents of any involvement in their children’s schools.

In every bureaucracy, even those most dysfunctional there are always standouts, dedicated public servants who manage to get the job done under even the most trying circumstances. THAT is who Gray should appoint. It would show civil servants that there is a career path and that good work will be rewarded. It will also spare DC yet another bungee boss who will have no clue as to how DC really operates. The only problem is that there are all these philanthropists who will rip their money from DC unless we let them call the tune. For my part I saw good riddance, take your money and get out of town. But the Fenty voters will see it another way and Gray must reach out to them. In another four years DC will be majority white and those voters have to believe that Gray has their interests at heart.

Gray is also a big believer in charter schools. I am not.

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