Um, no

Big Tent Democrat

Some folks have taken the Secretary of State’s discouraging statements about running in 2016 as the end of the story. I do not. After Hillary leaves the Secretary of State job in early 2013 (yes, she will), she’ll be 64 years old. She won’t be going back to the Senate and of course she could ride off into the political sunset. But she will know that the 2016 nomination is hers for the asking. But more than that, Dems will need Clinton to have the best chance to hold the White House in 2016.

No. First of all, Democrats like new faces. I have no idea who that new face will be in 2016, but Democrats will not turn to Clinton.

Either Obama will have a primary challenge in 2012, or, far more likely, there will be a significant emergent party challenge. What people like Big Tent Democrat do not seem to get is that the legacy parties are taking each other down in a suicide pact.

We had peace and prosperity under Bill Clinton and voters thought that a Democratic President, Senate and House would bring back peace and prosperity. Instead unemployment has gone up and the war is spreading to Yemen and possibly Iran. That is not what people voted for. So the Democrats will be punished in 2010 and possibly again.

Either Elizabeth Warren or somebody like her will run in 2016. She might run as a Democrat, but far more likely as the nominee of some sort of fusion candidate of a group of emergent political parties.

The legacy parties are collapsing, a la 1789.


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  1. 1 Mike Flugennock October 27, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    Oops, missed one and couldn’t go back to edit; let’s try again:


    Under Bill Clinton, we had the massacre of innocents in Waco, the massacre of innocents in Somalia, the massacre of innocents in Afghanistan and the Sudan, the massacre of innocents in Serbia, and the deaths of a million and a half Iraqis ā€” at least half of them children ā€” under a decade of crippling sanctions.

    Under Bill Clinton, we had NAFTA, the siphoning of American jobs offshore by American corporations, and the stagnation of real wages.

    There; fixed it for you.

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