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Chiildren of Deported Parents

Senator Jim Webb

All race baiting all the time.

edit –
Sen. Webb’s diversity diversion

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Webb of Deceit: Racism, Affirmative Action and History as Misunderstood by a U.S. Senator

Blogger in distress

UPDATE ii: Welcome Back to Pottersville needs your help.

UPDATE: Susie‘s unemployment insurance has run out. She is one of our very best, throw her some change if you are in a position to do so.

Wolves are at the Red Queen‘s door. Please help her fend them off.

Blogs do not write themselves, there is an opportunity cost to writing even the smallest blog. In a corrupt political culture blogs, especially the small ones, are our best means of push back.

If your finances are collapsing here is some advice:
GET ON FOOD STAMPS, it will make whatever money you do get go that much farther.

Cut your internet service. Use the library, the coffee shop, and any other source of free wifi. That goes double for anyone in DC with such a wide selection of free wifi.

If you don’t have a laptop, sell your desktop and buy a cheap laptop off of Craigs list.

Craigs list is your friend. Every city has its own free section. It is catch as catch can, but it is amazing the stuff you can get for free just because people are moving, or for some other reason don’t want the stuff around anymore.