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People who don’t get it

Yo, Big Media Matt, pick up the phone and call Empower DC and you will understand why Fenty is so unpopular East of Rock Creek Park.

Or let me ask a question even you can understand, if the schools are getting better, why have so many parents pulled their child out of DC schools since Michelle Rhee came to town?

To keep them out or us in?


It’s also sickening considering that the prsident announced this week that he will spend 500 million on unnecessary “border security” to try to appease a bunch of nativist asses who are unappeasable.

To appease a bunch of natavist, or do what he wanted to do anyway? Has this President ever passed up an opportunity to curtail freedom under the pretense of security?

Notice how moving across borders is getting harder and harder?

Well done Fairfax County

Federal funds keep Fairfax County homeless programs afloat

Dean Klein, director of the county’s Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, credits new approaches included in Fairfax’s 10-year plan to end homelessness, such as the Housing Opportunities Support Teams, with preventing hundreds of families from entering the shelter system and with helping people return to stable housing sooner. The county Board of Supervisors adopted the 10-year plan in 2007.

HOST provides money to the county’s nonprofit partners so they can help clients who are facing eviction pay back rent, or provide subsidies for people who already are homeless. The program also can help pay utility bills. Nonprofit directors say the largest need has been for rent assistance.

“It allows us to be able to give financial assistance for people who are right on the edge,” Klein said.

Susie needs your help

Blogs don’t write themselves, and there is a terrible opportunity cost to blogging, doubly so if you blog under your real name. Please send Susie some support if you are in a position to do so.

Jim Webb, still opposed to civil rights

Is anyone surprised? This guy is the author of Women Can’t Fight. He used to write anti-affirmative action screeds for the American Enterprise Institute. He has spent the whole of his adult life trying to limit opportunities for people who are not white heterosexual men. Why did anyone think that was ever going to change?

Let’s stop pretending that he is anything but what he has always been, a bigot.

Edit – Webb isn’t chicken, he is doing what he wants to do, hold back progress. Why did anyone think that Webb was ever going to lift a finger in defense of civil rights?

Advice to Arthur Silber

He does not have comments on his blog, so I will have to response here.

Arthur, contact your local government’s social services department and get on Medicaid. This is the only advantage of being poor. Contrary to popular belief, there are doctors who take Medicaid. You can get care, including dental work.

Also, apply for food stamps. That means whatever money that does come your way can go to rent and other necessities.

Build DC’s social safety net

From Empower DC:

Show the Council how to


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8:30 – 9:30 AM

Wilson Building

1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

We’re in the final stretch of the DC budget process — and millions of dollars of funding for safety net services are at stake.

We’ve proposed that the City can save our safety net by creating new tax brackets for the highest-earning 5% of DC residents. Six Councilmembers have declared their support for progressive tax increases — but we need a seventh!

So on Wednesday, May 19th, we’re going to show City Council what a real safety net looks like. We’ll ask Councilmembers to join us in building the net that keeps our city healthy and stable.

And to do all this, we need you! Come down to the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW) to join with us in this action. The more people we have, the stronger Safety Net we can build – and the stronger our message to our councilmembers!

Can you come and help us build a strong Safety Net? RSVP here!

Please join us and tell your friends, coworkers, and fellow citizens!

Education deform

Charter School Scandals, A record of the charter schools which have been publicly identified, or who are suspected, of tampering with admissions, grades, attendance and testing; misusing local, state, and federal funds; engaging in nepotism and conflicts of interest; engaging in complicated and shady real estate deals; and/or have been engaging in other unethical, borderline-legal, or illegal activities.

Attn: Obama, Reid, and Pelosi

I need a freakin’ job

All about achieving full employment

Center of Full Employment and Equity (CofEE)