The willful stupidity of David Waldman

David Waldman

As you know, the filibuster and the need it creates to find 60 votes in the Senate is the reason we don’t have a public option in the new health care bill.

No, that was just an excuse. Directly Scott Brown won his Senate seat, Obama, Reid, et al decided they could do health care via reconciliation. What the HCAN’t bloggers refuse to understand is that, from the point of view of health insurance parasites, there is no difference between a meaningful public option and single payer.

Robert Parry

But Dionne and other mainstream analysts miss the significance of the other number – 119 million – and why it is even a more powerful incentive for private insurers to have the ear of key members of Congress and White House insiders. It is the figure that the industry and its backers cite as the potential exodus of disaffected customers to a public health insurance option.

The public option was a FAIL, and it is truly reprehensible that, at this stage, the HCAN’t bloggers are still at it. Rather than continuing to bleat about the public option they should be pushing for a state waiver so that those states who want to enact their own single payer plan are free to do so.

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