The shameful conduct of Howard U, GWU, and the DC Police

After a Howard University student was drugged and raped at a party, her attempts to get a medical forensic exam were stonewalled by the cops.

This is the first time I have heard of Howard University Hospital behaving so shamefully; but GWU Hospital has a long history of mistreating women. Decades ago they changed their diagnoses of a student rape victim, thus denying her justice. They also refused to preform an abortion on a women who was in the final stages of a deadly disease. The women had requested an abortion and her husband was desperate to prolong his wife’s life as long as possible. The strain of a pregnancy would finish her off. But GWU chose to ignore her written request, her husbands wishes and forced her to carry the baby. When it was obvious that she was dying they preformed a cesarean. The mother died on the table. The infant lived for something like 48 hours and then died. I never ever want to be in power of GWU Hospital, they clearly do not regard women as human beings.

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