How Talx and Walmart are hurting your community

Contesting Jobless Claims Becomes a Boom Industry

Advocates for the unemployed cite cases like that of Gerald Grenier, 47, who spent four years as a night janitor at a New Hampshire Wal-Mart and was fired for pocketing several dollars in coins from a vending machine. Mr. Grenier, who is mentally disabled, told Wal-Mart he forgot to turn in the change. Talx, representing Wal-Mart, accused him of misconduct and fought his unemployment claim.

After Mr. Grenier waited three months for a hearing, Wal-Mart did not appear. A Talx agent joined by phone, then seemingly hung up as Mr. Grenier testified. The hearing officer redialed and left an unanswered message on the agent’s voice mail. The officer called Mr. Grenier “completely credible” and granted him benefits.

Talx appealed, claiming that the officer had denied the agent’s request to let Wal-Mart testify by phone. (A recording of the hearing contains no such request.) Mr. Grenier won the appeal, but by then he had lost his apartment and moved in with his sister.

“That was a nightmare,” he said.

Unemployment benefits stabilize a community by enabling workers to keep their apartments, make their house payments, pay utilities, etc. When Walmart and Talax cheat workers out of their benefits the landlord loses, the utility company loses, local retail loses, everyone loses.

1 Response to “How Talx and Walmart are hurting your community”

  1. 1 jjoshuajj21 May 26, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Yes I Know, and there is a comming storm, it’s against Walmart and favorable to We-The-People >>>> <<<<<<

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