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Debunking conservative talking points on the corporate income tax

Tax Tricks: Is Corporate Income Taxed Twice?

Conservatives claim that income from corporate dividends is “taxed twice” — first when the corporation pays its taxes (if it does pay taxes), and then when the recipient of dividends pays taxes on that income.

They don’t claim, however, that when you pay your plumber the plumber shouldn’t have to pay taxes because you already paid taxes on your income. That’s different, I guess, because you and your plumber both have to work. Income from working has no such considerations of favor.

The willful stupidity of David Waldman

David Waldman

As you know, the filibuster and the need it creates to find 60 votes in the Senate is the reason we don’t have a public option in the new health care bill.

No, that was just an excuse. Directly Scott Brown won his Senate seat, Obama, Reid, et al decided they could do health care via reconciliation. What the HCAN’t bloggers refuse to understand is that, from the point of view of health insurance parasites, there is no difference between a meaningful public option and single payer.

Robert Parry

But Dionne and other mainstream analysts miss the significance of the other number – 119 million – and why it is even a more powerful incentive for private insurers to have the ear of key members of Congress and White House insiders. It is the figure that the industry and its backers cite as the potential exodus of disaffected customers to a public health insurance option.

The public option was a FAIL, and it is truly reprehensible that, at this stage, the HCAN’t bloggers are still at it. Rather than continuing to bleat about the public option they should be pushing for a state waiver so that those states who want to enact their own single payer plan are free to do so.

Defend your social security

James Galbraith & John Conyers Agree on Need to Counter Peterson’s Deficit Terrorism Summit

Garment envy

Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor

I want that hat.

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Time to Sweep the Vampire Squid Off Our Faces and Make Room for the Real Change

Africom in one sentence

Crossed Crocodiles
“We don’t want to see our guys going in and getting whacked . . . We want Africans to go in.”


Thank you for permitting this most important post about the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In and Counter-Conference!

Debunking the Steal Our Retirement Commission

What Howie said:

The deficit hawks at the Peterson Foundation are at it again: attacking Social Security and Medicare with their false economic notions, this time with a “Fiscal Summit” to “Discuss Nation’s Rising Deficits and Debt.

We have a massive need for a counter-narrative to the false but conventional notion that Federal deficit spending is bad, that it is a burden to the next generation, that deficit spending risks insolvency — basically that the Federal Government Budget is some how analogous to a household budget when, in fact, it is no such thing.


From Empower DC:

FROM OUR FRIENDS AT the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence – for more information contact Ladd Everitt,
Dear Friend/Supporter:

I’m sure many of you have already heard the very disturbing news that Delegate Norton and Mayor Fenty are prepared to accept a voting rights bill with an NRA amendment attached that would eradicate our city’s gun laws. Del. Norton has indicated she is pushing for a vote on the bill and amendment next week. Mayor Fenty says that’s fine by him.

This means that just two weeks after the horrific March 30 mass shooting in which children were gunned down with an AK-47 in Southeast D.C., Delegate Norton and Mayor Fenty are prepared to legalize assault weapons in the District. All told, here’s exactly what the NRA’s “Ensign Amendment” would do to our gun laws:

1) Legalize assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.
2) Repeal the District’s licensing and registration system.
3) Allow some convicted substance abusers and violent misdemeanants to purchase and own firearms.
4) Roll back important regulations curbing illegal gun trafficking by allowing D.C. residents to buy guns in MD and VA.
5) Prevent the D.C. Council from enacting any gun-related legislation in the future.

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh has described Norton and Fenty’s willingness to accept a gun amendment in the following words: “It’s wrong, it’s undemocratic and it’s insulting, and we should not kneel down on our basic principles just to get this [voting rights] bill through.” Chairman Vincent Gray has stated that he will not support the bill if it removes the Council’s ability to regulate firearms.

Your help is needed. We must tell Delegate Norton and Mayor Fenty that the safety of our families and children is not an acceptable tradeoff for a single voting Member in the House of Representatives (which would do nothing to grant us full democracy and still leave us at the whim of Congress and the National Rifle Association).

Please contact Delegate Norton TODAY at (202) 225-8050 and Mayor Fenty at and tell them that any voting rights bill that eradicates our gun laws and gives the NRA the ability to make gun policy in the District is an outrage and totally unacceptable. Alternatively, you can email them through the following two forms:

Norton Contact Form

Fenty Contact Form

I can’t tell you how personally upset I am that Del. Norton and Mayor Fenty are supporting this gun amendment. The fact that they have picked National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 18-24) to move the legislation is even more upsetting.

Please make your calls today and pass this message on to other D.C. residents. Thank you.

The only thing that would cause more murder and mayhem in this city is allowing freer access to guns.”
– D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton

Ladd Everitt

Director of Communications

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

1424 L Street NW, Suite 2-1

Washington, DC 20005

W:  (202) 408-0061, x. 1003

Cell:  (202) 701-7171

Email: leveritt[@]



The shameful conduct of Howard U, GWU, and the DC Police

After a Howard University student was drugged and raped at a party, her attempts to get a medical forensic exam were stonewalled by the cops.

This is the first time I have heard of Howard University Hospital behaving so shamefully; but GWU Hospital has a long history of mistreating women. Decades ago they changed their diagnoses of a student rape victim, thus denying her justice. They also refused to preform an abortion on a women who was in the final stages of a deadly disease. The women had requested an abortion and her husband was desperate to prolong his wife’s life as long as possible. The strain of a pregnancy would finish her off. But GWU chose to ignore her written request, her husbands wishes and forced her to carry the baby. When it was obvious that she was dying they preformed a cesarean. The mother died on the table. The infant lived for something like 48 hours and then died. I never ever want to be in power of GWU Hospital, they clearly do not regard women as human beings.