Women are going to walk


To me, one of the most egregious things in this bill is the way that women are treated. When we are considered at all, our reproductive health seems to be in a special category, one where a bunch of old guys in red beanies and pointy hats, have the final say as to what is or isn’t acceptable. If the Senate bill passes, it will perfectly acceptable to force women to identify themselves as considering abortion as a healthcare option when they sign up for insurance. It’s to shame them. No, no, don’t try to sugar coat this. That is the intention. To keep abortion as a shameful procedure. …

… This is a Congress that we elected and it is a president that the deluded foisted upon the rest of us. We expected them to be different from their immediate predecessors. Well, we expected some congress members to be different. The Confluence never expected anything different from Obama but we thought he could be prevailed upon to not veto what Congress passed. And this Congress is overwhelmingly Democratic. These are the very same Democrats who scared the deluded into voting for Obama in 2008 because they convinced young women of child bearing age that only he and they could protect the reproductive rights of women.

They made that promise and we will hold them to it.

Mark my words, Democrats will go down in flames in 2010, and a handful of liberal third party candidates will win congress and possibly even a senate seat.


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