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Congratulations Crossed Crocodiles

Married 30 Years Today!

Today in deficit phonies

Connolly Votes For PAYGO To Restore Fiscal Discipline

Congressman Gerry Connolly voted for fiscal discipline in Congress today by supporting “pay-as-you-go” legislation – better known as PAYGO – which ensures that all new spending passed by Congress is paid for, instead of adding to the federal deficit.

Oh really? Does that include his vote for HR 4173? The bill with a $4 TRILLION bail out for banksters?

Does it include support for AFRICOM?

How school testing endangers children

As snow days pile up, educators consider options

Some school officials are concerned about lost instructional time before statewide standardized tests and national ones such as the Advanced Placement exams. Adding class time at the end of the year won’t help students prepare.

So we are asked to chose between a child’s life and test preperation?!?! Our society has truly lost its moral compass.

ZOMG a newspaper sees thru school privatization

Via Madfloridian, we see this headline: Stop L.A. Unified’s ‘charterization’

Handing over L.A. schools to outside operators will turn out to be yet another failed attempt at reform. Expanding vocational education holds more promise.

Fighting for Single Payer in DC

coalition of the uninsured and underinsured for single payer

Following the lead of the US Conference of Mayors and over fifty state, country and city councils, all of which have passed resolutions in support of single-payer legislation, members of CUUSP met last week with representatives from Councilmember Vincent Gray’s office to request that the Councilmember introduce a similar resolution to be voted on by Council. This resolution would affirm the city’s commitment to upholding the human right to healthcare. While the representatives were willing to listen to the coalition’s ideas, they were skeptical that a large number of DC residents actually support single payer.

National polls show that about 65% of Americans support the idea of a universal, national health insurance system and CUUSP members suspect that number is similar, if not higher, in DC. The meeting with Council has reinvigorating our efforts to circulate our petition and gather endorsements from local organizations in support of the proposed resolution.

Colin Powell and our national day of shame

Colin Powell

Speech to the UN part 1

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Education Queen of All Media

From now on this blog will refer to Michelle Rhee as Education Queen of All Media.