Support single payer, support Corrente Wire

Keeping the heat on and the hamsters fed

Now, with Haiti, Arthur’s pain, Violet’s teeth, Susie’s ongoing troubles, this probably isn’t the best time to ask for help.

That said, help!

One of my two mistakes was paying a lump sum for the very expensive new pair of progressive [haw] tri-focals, to replace the ones that broke last spring, before the work that was going to come in fell through, leaving me scrambling and at risk of not only being unable to keep feeding the hamsters at my hosting service, but unable to fill the fuel tank when it empties, as it soon will. (The other mistake was, as usual, more plumbing work I didn’t count on.) It’s good to be able to actually see again, after almost a year of walking about with everything more than two feet away a colorful blur, but right now I’m seriously up against it, and a few hundred dollars for the hamsters and fuel would make all the difference in the world.

So, having given all the reasons why you should help out everywhere but the blog that everybody hates and nobody readsMR SUBLIMINAL They suck! They have no access!, let me list three of the good things that have recently happened here:

1. Corrente is the go-to blog for single payer. Where else can you go for a live blog with Kip Sullivan, and who else broke the story on Section 1332, and how will interfere with state single payer plans?

2. Corrente seems to have become the 19th Century London of the blogosphere: It’s the place where people go when they’ve been purged. (If only we had a library like the British Museum!) I’m sure we’ve all seen the influx of commenters and posters after Jane purged FDL of single payer advocates, which has been great for the blog (and our traffic, too, I might add).

3. Correntians, on their own initiative, have started to organize RL meetups. Rhizomic growth! (I know I need to create some private forums to support this, but, as I say, I’ve been scrambling.)

So, I think Corrente’s in the best shape it’s been for a long time, editorially, analytically, as a community, and in every other way. However, posting, moderating, administration, doing technical support, and networking with the other proudly C list blogs… Basically, that’s a full time job for me. That’s why I’m here from early morning to late at night. There are times when I need your help to keep doing the job, and this is one of those times!

NOTE I have one commitment for $150 twice a year. Ten or even twenty commitments like that would make all the difference in the world. But every little bit helps, and all is deeply appreciated. Thanks! You can donate using the PayPal buttons, and you don’t need a PayPal account.

Donate to Corrente Wire.


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