Huh double huh?

Steven D

In a way I pity Arnold Schwarzenegger. By most standards he is a fairly moderate Republican.

There never was anything moderate about Schwarzenegger. He has a long documented history of violent assaults against women. He participated in a racially motivated gang rape and bragged about it to Oui magazine. He has abused drugs for all of his adult life. Just go to YouTube and search on Schwarzenegger and marijuana and you will find plenty of material.

His film career, such as it was, was a long series of openly fascist plot lines of might makes right. Schwarzenegger is and has always been a professional creep. He was the candidate of disaster capitalism to use the California energy and fiscal crisis to give even more of the state’s money to those who caused the crisis.

I am surprised that Steven D could have written such a thing as he is usually clueful.


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