Shorter Fenty: law, what law?

Loose Lips

The D.C. Council banned bonus payments in the fiscal 2010 budget, but that hasn’t stopped Mayor Adrian M. Fenty‘s administration from continuing the practice. Bill Myers reports in Examiner that since FY2010 began on Oct. 1, 290 employees have collected more than $565K in bonuses—including $2,600 for AAG Tom Koger, two months who after he ‘was publicly blamed for the disappearance of key evidence’ in the Pershing Park lawsuit and removed from the case. Says FOP’s Kris Baumann: ‘Either Koger engaged in behavior where he had to be removed, or he deserves a bonus. It can’t be both….Is that the price we pay to have Koger fall on his sword?’ AG Peter Nickles says that ‘most of the bonuses were required by union contracts and the city’s hands were tied.’ Myers also looks at city bonus payments in previous years, finding $15M in such awards since the advent of the Fenty administration. ‘Among the big winners were Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who was handed $41,250 in August 2007 after barely two months on the job; Department of Health Director Pierre Vigilance, who was given $15,000 in 2008; and city property manager Robin-Eve Jasper, handed $18,000 over two years.’ Ted Loza, too, got small bonuses from Jim Graham.

If we do not drive Fenty from office we will have no law.


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