The enthusiasm gap

Digby has a reasonably good piece on this, but still fails to understand how serious the situation is.

This is NOT 1993. Clinton won a plurality in a three way race. Democrats had only the narrowest control of the House and Senate. Obama won in a landslide with overwhelming control in the House and Senate. We could have had another 88th Congress. But the Democratic leadersheep has no interest in that.

The DNC needs to take a survey of local Democratic Committees. Not an opinion survey, something much more basic, a membership survey. For example how many empty seats are there on average? Are committees only at 50% strength? What is attendance at monthly meetings? 20%? 10%? or only 5%?

Every Democratic woman over the age of 40 that I know of has left their local committee. The bad taste left by the primary never went away. These volunteers were too disciplined to walk out after the primary, so they kept their feelings to their selves, campaigned and voted for Obama. And after that they declined to reup their committee membership. There were no drama queen diaries on blogs about Why I will never volunteer for the Democratic Party Again, the women I am acquainted with don’t read blogs. But they knew the kinds of things that were written about Hillary supporters and they wanted no part of a political party where that style of rhetoric is acceptable.

If you don’t volunteer for a political party you have no idea how serious the woman’s walk out is for the party. Every local Democratic committee, each and every one, was dominated by middle aged women. They typically had an encyclopedic knowledge of their community. They know, off the top of their head, the name and phone number of the head of the local civic association, the President of the Sierra Club, the garden club, and every other imaginable community group. They have the sort of knowledge that is not for sale at any price.

All of this has left the Democratic party because of Obama and the misogyny of the Obots. It will not come back in our lifetime.


2 Responses to “The enthusiasm gap”

  1. 1 tracy December 11, 2009 at 2:44 am

    The DNC not only took advantage of but walked all over women. The DNC is not even willing to come out in support of women’s rights issues. Unfortunately, the national women’s groups who generally support the party are unwilling to call it on its behavior. You are right, women – with their pocketbooks – are just walking away.

    Ron Carlee, Arlington’s recently retired County Manager, said to me that the County’s Commission on the Status of Women was no longer necessary and that it is hard to dissolve “groups like that.” The County’s lack of support for the Women’s Commission has been increasingly obvious. As the economy worsens, the push to marginalize women, women’s rights, and women’s issues increases. As women disengage, we do so at our own peril.

  1. 1 Women’s walk out, Arlington County edition « D2 route Trackback on December 13, 2009 at 2:40 am

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