John Merrow, up to his old tricks

This NewsHour report on Rhee’s most recent layoffs deceives viewers in the worst possible way, but omission of crucial informaiton.

At no time does Merrow inform viewers that Rhee violated the law by keeping summer school when it had been expressely cut from the budget. The money from summer school would have been sufficient to pay for all the new hires.

Merrow also fails to inform his viewers of the catastrophic impact of the layoffs, that one elementry school has no third grade because the only third grade teacher was laid off, that one high school lacks both a French teacher and chemistry teacher. If you go to that high school you cannot take French or chemistry because the teachers who taught those subjects were laid off. Rhee is trashing the DC school system and WETA’s failure to insist on quality reporting is shameful. Truly shameful.


1 Response to “John Merrow, up to his old tricks”

  1. 1 The Wash. Teacher November 23, 2009 at 3:12 am

    You are so right on with your post about Merrow. I have become quite disgusted with his coverage over the last several years. It seems that they don’t do their homework and have to be challenged about the accuracy about their reporting. I would strongly encourage you to write him and call him on this.

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