Vincent Gray’s new donor base

Change D.C.’s procurement process? Not so fast, some businesses say

Holden is co-chair of the National Minority Business Coalition. Despite the misleading name — it’s neither national nor made up solely of minority-owned businesses — the coalition represents local small business owners who believe D.C. sends too much of its business to nonlocal companies.

They oppose D.C.’s proposed Procurement Efficiency Act of 2009. That too is an obscure name, but the bill’s impact seems clear enough to the coalition’s members: The bill would give the Office of Contracting and Procurement wider and virtually unreviewable discretion to do business with companies of its choosing — preferably on a long-term basis.

It doesn’t look like the new process is best for tax payers. And local businesses have a legitimate point that money spent on them is recycled right back into the city’s economy.

If Gray can’t tap into this anger he does not deserve to be mayor.


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