Branding defeat as victory

Open Left

In particular, with the assistance of over 35,000 members of the Open Left community, we played a major role in pulling together enough votes to pass a public option through the Senate. Proving there were over 50 votes for the public option in the Senate, and helping to educate the grassroots on both Senate process and the progress of the campaign, were essential to Harry Reid including a public option in the Senate bill.

Now, against the predictions of virtually all pundits, a health care bill with a public option will reach the Senate floor next week.

Not really:

So a public plan that will be available to less than half the population and will attract maybe 2% as enrollees is going to have any effect at all on big insurers? I don’t think so, and I’ll bet the big insurers and their investors don’t think so either. (United Health Group and Wellpoint stock prices are stable this morning.)

Not only that, but the public option will not be administered by Medicare, it will be administered by a contractor, letting the lucky contractor skim even more from a long suffering public.

The current health bill is a sham and shames all those who support it.

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