Progressive blogosphere’s EPIC FAIL

Destroying the Democratic Majority

Meanwhile the bill itself will force people to buy insurance, provides inadequate subsidies, and falls hardest on the middle class and young people—forcing them to spend a huge chunk of their discretionary income on average, and doubtless pushing many families into bankruptcy (plenty are on the verge, it is impossible to imagine that this won’t push them over the edge).

And yet it is still supported by the same people who supported it all along. Apparently nothing can happen which would cause them not to support it.

This is the sort of “deal at any cost” thinking which bloggers used to decry. I find it amazing. Absolutely amazing. For any provision which is called “public option”, no matter how weak, folks are apparently willing to swallow hard and get over any number of deficiencies.

tatere at Open Left

so what about the other amendments, then?

we couldn’t allow votes on tying reimbursement to Medicare, or allowing single-payer exceptions for the states, because we couldn’t open the bill up to the Stupak poison pill.
that’s moot now. so? were the leadership, perhaps, full of the digestive byproduct?

i am sure there is a case to still be made voting for this bill as a whole but i’d have to hear it because i can’t think of how it goes…

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