Anonymous sources defend Michelle Rhee

Infighting and lawsuit likely consequences of mass firings

“The council is struggling with how to handle the arrogance,” said at-large Councilman Phil Mendelson. “We’re struggling with, on the one hand there ought to be a consequence and on the other hand what is in the best interest of the citizens and the school children. It’s finding the right balance.”

What will not happen, sources say: A reversal of the public school reform act adopted by the council in 2007. Fenty will retain his control of public education, and Rhee will retain her job as chancellor.

When the only sources who will defend a public figure are anonymous sources, you have to wonder if the reporter just made it up. On the other hand, it is possible that the reporter had a source. By the name of Michelle Rhee or a member of her staff. Either way, the article has no credibility.

Certainly the lawsuits from this train wreck will be playing for years, draining precious dollars from the District’s coffers. It is possible that the city could sue the American Enterprise Institute and other right wing stink tanks who conspired to inflict this trainwreck on our school system. But to do that you would have to have evidence that Rhee was recruited not to reform the school system, but to destroy it and force everyone into charter schools. I have no idea how such evidence could be obtained.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy owes the people of DC some serious reparations.


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