Another recovering Kossack

Why I Am Leaving Daily Kos – Public Option Bait and Switch

More specifically, Kos is the leader. He has set up Daily Kos with a certain purpose, and given the editors a prominent voice through the front page. So I was imprecise in saying that the editors are the leaders; in reality Kos is the leader. And it was indeed foolish and naive of me to ever think that talking to the editors would make any difference in the blog’s agenda, because they don’t make the rules. I apologize for that naivete.

To see how unflinching Daily Kos is at sticking to the elected Democratic consensus, also consider that the whole public option idea is not even remotely close to what its defenders and most elected Democrats make it out to be.

With any luck we will see khin joining the single payer chorus at Corrente.

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