No Booman, you are not a supporter of single payer

Booman, you are an Obama apologist. You have allowed your psychological investment in Obama to overwhelm everything else. So now your blogging consists of ever more contorted explanations of 17 dimensional chess.

Meanwhile support fo single payer continues to grow. All the while you are explaining that single payer is a lost cause, the Pennsylvania legislature is getting closer and closer to passing a single payer bill.

Single payer supporters continue to mobilize and a whole new group of blogs have sprung up to support single payer health care:

Hillbilly Report

Blue Lyon

The Pittsburg Women’s Blogging Society

Prosperity Agenda

Single Payer Health Care

Montana Maven

Guaranteed Healthcare Blog

Physicians for a National Health Program

ConnecticutMan1 ConneticutMan1 on Twitter Also posts on Booman and TPM Cafe, but I can’t find the links to his user page.


Ian Welsh

Health Justice

Single Payer Action (check out the resources page)

Single Payer Now

Suburban Guerrilla

Avedon Carol

Anglachel’s Journal

Progressive Democrats of America


Donna Darko

Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan

over the cliff, onto the rocks

Universal Healthcare Action Nework (not a blog, but a good resource)

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


Women’s stake

Alegre’s Corner

The Confluence (depends upon poster)


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2 Responses to “No Booman, you are not a supporter of single payer”

  1. 1 LarryE November 10, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Just to note quickly that while my own blog (Lotus – Surviving a Dark Time) did not “spring up” in order to support single-payer, I do support it and have for a long time, “long” in this case meaning decades.

    In fact, what I really support is a National Health Care System of hospitals and clinics owned and run by the federal government – but that is really off the table.

  2. 2 Connecticut Man1 November 13, 2009 at 12:27 am

    My TPM listing… But I don’t post there too often. You will find me more at ePluribus Media than anywhere else these days.

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