My last blog war post

Kevin K at rumproast

If DC Blogger is smart (and I think she is—and earnest), she’ll shop her talents around at another reasonably high-traffic blog (or one of those dreaded A-list ones) where her advocacy could have a far greater impact.

Why would I leave a blog community I love, a community that has financially supported me and came to my rescue more than once for blogs where I am barely tolerated? That would be totally stupid.

Besides, I am not the only single payer blogger, there are plenty of us now. ConnecticutMan1 does a great job over at Booman Tribune and TPM Cafe, and people like him at those blogs, so that works very well. And in spite of the fact that Hamsher has made FireDogLake Public Option central, there is a vibrant single payer community over there, who fit right in, so that works very well.

I was totally disillusioned with the Democratic party by the end of 2007. I didn’t even vote in the DC Presidential Primary, very unusual for someone with my voting history. My alienation from the Democratic party was gradual. It started with the Clarence Thomas confirmation to the Supreme Court. The one little thing after another made me feel that the Democratic party was not a place where I could make a difference. There were major milestones, like when Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas wrote a book scapegoating the women studies set for bringing down the Democratic party. The 2008 Presidential party merely confirmed my view that the Democratic party was not interested in protecting the dignity and safety of women.

Corrente, which I had only read occasionally previously, became my new blog home. And it was specifically the posts of VastLeft that drew me to Corrente, although I have always liked lambert’s light satirical style. lambert came to stay with me in DC while attending a conference and I discovered I liked him even better in person. To me Corrente is like the neighborhood park, where you gather with you friends and watch your dogs play.


2 Responses to “My last blog war post”

  1. 1 Jaremy Marin October 10, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    I was at the proteast at the wilson building and along with the latino community will do all in our power to make sure justice is done to Dr. Hartsock.
    Barry and Thomas and the rest of the lazy people are upset she cleaned house and wants employees who actually work and do their jobs.
    Enough of people in comfortable positions without doing anything to deserve it.
    Just because someone has been here 20 years doesn’t mean they can slack off. If you have 20 y or 2 years experience if you don’t do your job you should be terminated.
    I was told by many parks employees and I quote “I have put in my years now I gotta get paid”
    bring back hartsock and remove ignorant racist people like barry and thomas. Have we forgotte all of Barry’s drug problems? yet some people think he deserves to still hold high positions.
    I say clean house and hire good hard working employees, whether they are white black or yellow.

  2. 2 Crazy67 October 22, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    This is what Apuzzo is up against. ,

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