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Message for the Public Option Please crowd


The Pyrrhic Option: you begged for nothing and you got it.

Stop being peasants and start demanding a specific solution to the country’s healthcare crisis…

Medicare For All / HR 676: Don’t accept any substitutes or legislative rebranding of the only real option for the American public

Michelle Rhee, unlcear on the concept of democracy

Council Chair Vincent Gray asks a question:

“There is no question in my mind. All I can do. Wait a minute– I’m talking.” said D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray in one of many bitter and often combative back and forth.

“Why did you choose not to follow what the law?” asked Gray.

Rhee said hers was a better decision and blasted back.

“When you cut our budget by $20 million, you didn’t call me to ask me if it was okay to cut summer school or not,” exclaimed Rhee.

Since when does an elected leader ask permission of an appointed civil servant???? Council draws up the budget. Civil servants don’t get to second guess it. That is democracy. But in Fenty’s world of the unitary executive, no mayor need take notice of council or the law. It is how we will live until we boot Fenty from office.

Rhee’s disingenuous testimony

Council members accuse Rhee of breaking law in teacher showdown

“I was unwilling to make that cut [to summer school], and I decided that as unfortunate as it was, I’d rather see [cuts] happen to adults than to children,” Rhee said.

When you fire the schools only third grade teacher, you hurt third graders. When you fire the High Schools only chemistry teacher, you hurt children who want to study chemistry. When you fire the schools only French teacher, you hurt children who want to study French. I cannot understand how anyone continues to defend this train wreck.

Unlike some, I no longer think that this is merely about union busting, although certainly Fenty wants to bust all the public employee unions. I am increasingly convinced that this is massive resistance under color of reform. Rhee and Fenty are deliberately creating so much chaos in DC public schools that parents will be forced to send their children to charter schools or private schools. To Rhee and Fenty chaos is a feature, not a bug.

Democrats and the financial crisis

Jesse’s Café

It is important to bear this in mind, because it tends to knock down the assertion that the current financial crisis is somehow an act of God, something that just happened. There was an intent to subvert the regulatory process, to increase leverage beyond what has long been known to be prudent, and to engage in systemic fraud with a group of enables and agencies, such as the ratings firms, in order to reap fabulous personal profits for a small group at the expense of the many. There was planning, premeditation, malice aforethought. They may not have intended to harm; they just did not care. They really truly did not care, if they got theirs.

Until the banks are restrained, and the financial system reform, and balance restored to the economy, there will be no sustained recovery.

The Democrats have shown themselves to be incapable of dealing with the crisis. It is time to start seriously thinking about third party candidates.

Another recovering Kossack

Why I Am Leaving Daily Kos – Public Option Bait and Switch

More specifically, Kos is the leader. He has set up Daily Kos with a certain purpose, and given the editors a prominent voice through the front page. So I was imprecise in saying that the editors are the leaders; in reality Kos is the leader. And it was indeed foolish and naive of me to ever think that talking to the editors would make any difference in the blog’s agenda, because they don’t make the rules. I apologize for that naivete.

To see how unflinching Daily Kos is at sticking to the elected Democratic consensus, also consider that the whole public option idea is not even remotely close to what its defenders and most elected Democrats make it out to be.

With any luck we will see khin joining the single payer chorus at Corrente.

Church of Scientology guilty of fraud in France

Judge cites ‘obsession’ with financial gain as group is fined $400,000

PARIS – A Paris court on Tuesday convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud and fined it more than half a million euros — but stopped short of banning the group as requested by prosecutors.

Rhee’s reign of error at McKinley High School

Read about Rhee’s handpicked principal

Other acts reported by various students, staff and parents who testified before the council ranged from bribery of students and staff with money and other favors , failure to report drugs and guns on the school premises, an illegal audit, an OAG investigation, inappropriate behavior on the part of the principal with McKinley SH students on Face Book social network, Pinder disinvited students to attend McKinley High School without cause, intentionally reduced the enrollment of the student population, illegally suspends students or threatens to suspend students without cause, fails to consult with Local School restructuring Team, targeted certain staff members for termination, made the school top heavy by hiring numerous administrators, and discussed staff members in a derogatory manner in the presence of students, etc.

Pinder is gone, but Rhee and Fenty are still with us.

Time to hold Michelle Rhee accountable

The Georgetown Voice

With such a large incoming pool, it’s hard to understand why Rhee fired 226 teachers suddenly in October, instead of simply hiring fewer new teachers over the summer. Days after the 2008-2009 school year ended, approximately 250 teachers were fired for failing to improve after being given a six month probation period, or for not obtaining their necessary licensing. Rhee should have waited for the school year to end before making cuts, as she did in the past.

There is no excuse for waiting until midway through the semester to enact these cuts, even if they were necessary. A job loss may be a rough setback for a professional, but having a teacher and role model yanked out of the classroom unexpectedly can be devastating. The ensuing class mergings and schedule changes have also disrupted teaching and learning.

Congratulations Jessica!

Long life and prosperity for you and your love.

No Booman, you are not a supporter of single payer

Booman, you are an Obama apologist. You have allowed your psychological investment in Obama to overwhelm everything else. So now your blogging consists of ever more contorted explanations of 17 dimensional chess.

Meanwhile support fo single payer continues to grow. All the while you are explaining that single payer is a lost cause, the Pennsylvania legislature is getting closer and closer to passing a single payer bill.

Single payer supporters continue to mobilize and a whole new group of blogs have sprung up to support single payer health care:

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