Feed the Corrente hamsters


More importantly, we’ve also got new Fellows: BDBlue, Hipparchia, and MsExPat, as well as DCBlogger and danps, have really helped make Corrente the blog that everybody hates and nobody reads! Seriously, that’s not true; not only am I told by not especially unreliable authority that Corrente is a guilty and unadmitted pleasure for Beltway staffers, our circulation figures have been slowly and steadily increasing — we aren’t, fortunately, dependent on the A list for hits. Corrente commenters and contributors are, however, to be seen in many A list comment sections, and while not especially deferential, they can be relied upon to be articulate, informed, and armed with linky goodness. We can be proud that we’ve helped keep single payer alive — despite all the efforts to deny us oxygen.

The price of a successful blog is an ever increasing server bill. Please donate generously.


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